Impact Of Wearable Technology On Human Lifestyles

Despite the fact that experts argued over whether smartwatches are a lucrative market, the wearable technology industry moves on unscathed.

Until this moment, wearable devices are mostly productivity and fitness devices, but that is taking a different twist as the market is heading to a new level and shifting ahead of these watches and fitness bands.

So, what implications will these wearables have on your firm? Prospectively, they could be quite significant.

The wearables market is scaling up real quick. Cisco systems have forecasted that it will be thrice what it is by 2021.

It will entail health detectors, assistive gadgets, smart outfits, glasses and most of these items will change our lifestyles significantly.

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Empowering health.

Take health gadgets. Recently developed health wearables will allow customers to take charge of their health conditions like never before. Precisely crafted sensors will be able to detect health issues before they become severe, which will imply lesser medical emergencies on trips and outings.

Heart rate detectors are obsolete, but the Quardiocore offers much more than that. As the pilot wearable medical electrocardiogram detector, it can potentially notify users about the changing heart impulses.

As at the moment, it is advertised to athletes who require more details about their training- but it is simple to think about a time where people who are exposed to the risk of heart attacks getting prior warnings with devices like this one.

Bloomlife is a related device that helps in pregnancy. It prompts pregnant mothers to visualize their actual contractions and avoid cases of false alarm and nasty surprises. Empatica, on the other hand, designs devices that can alert people suffering from epilepsy from apparent seizures.


As such items become a norm in the market, medical emergencies will significantly reduce which is beneficial to the medical custodians and patients as well. But there is a flip to this matter.

As individuals take charge of their medical conditions, they will be tempted to travel and engage in activities that might expose them to a lot of risks. This will lead to a broader customer base, but one that may require a couple of accommodations than what you are accustomed to offering.

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